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Breathe Easy with Air Purification

Our AQi3 System is the leading air quality improvement technology, it creates cleaner air for healthier breathing and better living. The system reduces airborne pathogens like Corona Virus, Norovirus and influenza, and even limits airborne allergens. Residents can breathe better, have freedom from preexisting symptoms, and enjoy their communities to the fullest. With Lumenant, you don’t just get the system, you get our entire team of highly trained professionals. Residents and staff are at ease knowing that our team is constantly monitoring every system we install, to ensure optimal efficiency and quality.

Feel Energized with Light Therapy

When people sleep better, they feel better! Circadian lighting systems are designed to mimic natural daylight cycles. The replication of natural light cycles creates a better environment for sleep, and increases daytime activity. This system is proven to improve natural sleep cycles, reduce anxiety, and boost the mood and overall health of residents and staff. Residents have even reported a decreased need for supplements that help with sleep and mood boosters.

See Clearly with LED Lighting

A well-lit environment is crucial for the safety, independence and wellbeing of residents in senior living communities. Residents can immerse themselves in activities that they once enjoyed because better lighting makes for better seeing. Residents enjoy an increased feeling of independence, LED lighting has been proven to reduce falls. Our lighting solutions even help residents navigate in the dark, allowing them the freedom to use the bathroom, or even get a glass of water without assistance. More independence leads to increased self-esteem and overall mental wellbeing in residents.

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Our mission is to provide technology solutions that improve the quality of life in senior living communities.