Breathe Easy with AQi3™

Integrated, Intelligent, Intuitive

Air Quality Improvement & Monitoring System

Our AQi3™ System is the leading air quality improvement technology, it creates cleaner air for healthier breathing and better living. The system reduces airborne pathogens like Corona Virus, Norovirus, influenza, and even limits airborne allergens. Residents can breathe better, have freedom from preexisting symptoms, and enjoy their communities to the fullest. With Lumenant, you don’t just get the system, you get our entire team of highly trained professionals. Residents and staff are at ease knowing that our team is constantly monitoring every system we install, to ensure optimal efficiency and quality.
Improves Community Health
Reduces risk of airborne diseases. Creates cleaner air for easier breathing.
Improves Community Mental Wellness
Creates peace of mind for residents staff members, and families. Fresh air improves mental health.
Innovative Monitoring System
Residents and staff members can relax knowing that every system installed is being monitored for optimum efficiency and clean air.
AQi3 is an Air Quality Improvement System, where bi-polar ionization, UV light, and advanced filtration technology is used to clean and purify the air safely. Inside air is often polluted with airborne allergens, pathogens, odors, and bacteria that standard filtration systems cannot prevent from spreading. The systems we install and monitor, neutralize and trap these harmful particles. Creating a fresher, healthier living space.
Residents and staff members of communities with our AQi3 system are at lower risk for contracting and spreading diseases like Corona Virus, Influenza, and Norovirus. They often experience improvement in preexisting respiratory conditions, allergy symptoms, and report easier breathing, and higher energy levels.
Unlike other companies that offer air purification technology, Lumenant goes above and beyond. Our monitoring systems include on-site dashboards and remote monitoring. We track the efficiency of each system to ensure that every community has the cleanest air and safest environment possible.

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