Caswell House

Located in Yanceyville, NC, USA

Caswell House

Caswell House is not just a facility for assisted living and memory care, it’s a community focused on health, wellness, and personalized care. Located in Castle Hayne, NC, Caswell House has been newly updated with advanced LED lighting to promote a comfortable and safe environment for its residents.
At Caswell House, we understand that each individual has unique needs when it comes to their health and wellness. That’s why we have a team of dedicated and caring staff who are trained to provide personalized care for each resident. Our goal is to not only meet the physical needs of our residents, but also to promote their overall well-being.
We believe that good health goes beyond just physical care. That’s why we offer a variety of activities and programs to promote mental, emotional, and social wellness. From group fitness classes to art therapy sessions, our community offers something for everyone.
In addition to our focus on health and wellness, we also prioritize safety at Caswell House. Our newly updated LED lighting not only provides energy efficiency but also reduces fall hazards and creates a bright welcoming environment.

Yanceyville, NC, the home of Caswell House, is a charming, warm community nestled in the heartland of North Carolina. Known for its rich history, tranquil rural landscapes, and a strong sense of community, Yanceyville provides a serene backdrop for the wellness-focused living at Caswell House. With its numerous parks and outdoor recreation areas, residents at our facility often find themselves immersed in the beauty of nature, further contributing to their overall health and well-being. The peaceful ambiance of Yanceyville truly complements our commitment to providing a calm, nurturing environment that promotes the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of our residents.

Caswell House is proud to partner with Lumenant to optimize wellness for our residents. Lumenant provides our community with;
LED Lighting

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