Greenbrier of Fairmont

Located in Fairmont, NC, USA

Greenbrier of Fairmont

At Greenbrier of Fairmont, we prioritize the health and wellness of our residents above all else. Our assisted living community, located in Fairmont, NC, provides a comfortable and safe environment for seniors to thrive.
We understand that as people age, their health needs change. That’s why we have equipped our facility with state-of-the-art technology such as AQi3 Air Purification, Therapeutic Lighting, and LED Lighting. These features help to promote a clean and healthy living environment for our residents.
In addition to our advanced technology, we also have a team of caring staff members who are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our residents. They are trained to assist with daily tasks such as medication management and personal care, while also being there to provide companionship and support.
At Greenbrier of Fairmont, we believe that promoting good health and wellness is crucial for the overall well-being of our residents. That’s why we offer various activities and programs designed to keep our residents physically, mentally, and emotionally stimulated. From fitness classes to social gatherings, our goal is to help our residents live a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where our residents can feel at home while receiving the care they need.

Fairmont, NC is a charming town in the heartland of North Carolina. Its serene environment and friendly atmosphere make it an ideal location for our assisted living community. The town’s close-knit community and laid-back lifestyle offers a peaceful atmosphere that resonates with our residents, giving them a sense of belonging. The local amenities, including parks, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities, are easily accessible, ensuring our residents never feel disconnected from the outside world. Fairmont, NC, displays the beauty of four distinct seasons, each bringing its own charm, thereby keeping our residents engaged with nature and promoting their overall wellness.

Greenbrier of Fairmont is proud to partner with Lumenant to optimize wellness for our residents. Lumenant provides our community with;
AQi3 Air Purification
Therapeutic Lighting
Climate Control
LED Lighting

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