The Cambridge

Located in Smyrna, GA, USA

The Cambridge

The Cambridge is a premier assisted living and memory care community located in Smyrna, GA. Our community is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and care for our residents. We understand the importance of providing a warm and inviting environment where our residents can thrive.
At The Cambridge, we are committed to providing the best care possible for our residents. Our staff is highly trained and compassionate, ensuring that each resident receives personalized care tailored to their individual needs. We believe in treating each resident with dignity and respect, and we strive to create a sense of community where everyone feels valued and supported.
One of the innovative features at The Cambridge is our Climate Control system. This advanced technology allows us to maintain a comfortable and healthy living environment for our residents. Our Climate Control system is designed to monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity levels in each resident’s room, ensuring that they are always at an optimal level.

Smyrna, GA, often referred to as the “Jonquil City” for the beautiful yellow flowers that bloom across the city in the spring, serves as the perfect setting for The Cambridge. The city is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and close-knit community, which aligns beautifully with our values here at The Cambridge. With an array of parks, local eateries, and cultural sites, Smyrna provides our residents with numerous opportunities for outings and exploration. This active and engaging environment contributes significantly to the wellness of our residents, offering them a delightful extension to their living space at The Cambridge. The city’s dedication to promoting health and well-being further supports our mission, making Smyrna, GA, the perfect home for our community.

The Cambridge is proud to partner with Lumenant to optimize wellness for our residents. Lumenant provides our community with;
Climate Control

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