Twelve Oaks

Located in Mount Airy, NC, USA

Twelve Oaks

Twelve Oaks is a senior living community nestled in the charming town of Mt. Airy, NC. Our unwavering commitment is to enhance the quality of life for our cherished residents, ensuring they experience the very best life has to offer. Our community offers a variety of amenities and services designed to enhance the health, wellness, and care of all our residents.
At Twelve Oaks, we understand the importance of maintaining good health and wellness as we age. Our community is equipped with advanced Therapeutic Lighting, which has been scientifically proven to improve mood, sleep patterns, and overall well-being. This lighting system mimics natural daylight and helps regulate circadian rhythms, promoting healthy sleeping habits for our residents.
In addition to Therapeutic Lighting, we also have integrated Climate Control in all our living spaces. This allows us to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the year, ensuring that our residents are always at their best.
Furthermore, we have AQi3 Air Purification systems installed in all common areas, providing clean and fresh air for all residents. This is especially important for seniors who may have respiratory issues or allergies. We believe that a clean and healthy environment is essential for maintaining good health and wellness.
At Twelve Oaks, we go above and beyond to ensure that our residents receive the best care possible. Our dedicated staff provides personalized care plans tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring that their physical, emotional, and social well-being are taken care of.

Nestled in the heartland of North Carolina, Mt. Airy is a charming city that combines the warmth of small-town living with the convenience of modern amenities. Mt. Airy is best known as the inspiration for the idyllic town in the classic American television show “The Andy Griffith Show”. Today, its picturesque streets, friendly community, and rich heritage continue to attract people from all walks of life. It offers a plethora of shopping, dining, and recreational options, and is just a stone’s throw away from the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, offering an abundance of outdoor activities. Its peaceful environment and pleasant climate make it an ideal location for Twelve Oaks, our senior living community, allowing our residents to enjoy a high quality of life, surrounded by natural beauty and a welcoming community.

Twelve Oaks is proud to partner with Lumenant to optimize wellness for our residents. Lumenant provides our community with;
AQi3 Air Purification
Climate Control
LED Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Energy Security

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