Wilson House

Located in Wilson, NC, USA

Wilson House

Wilson House is an assisted living and memory care community located in Wilson, NC. Our community is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support for our residents’ health and wellness needs.
At Wilson House, we understand that a safe and healthy environment is essential for senior citizens. That’s why we have equipped our community with state-of-the-art AQi3 Air Purification, innovative Climate Control, and LED Lighting. These advanced systems not only create a comfortable living space but also promote better health for our residents.
Our AQi3 Air Purification system uses cutting-edge technology to remove harmful particles from the air. This is especially beneficial for seniors who may have respiratory issues or allergies. By having clean air circulating throughout our community, we help reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses and promote overall wellness.
In addition, our innovative Climate Control systems allow us to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout our community and in individual rooms. This is essential for seniors who are more susceptible to extreme temperatures and may struggle with regulating their body heat. By having a stable and comfortable climate, we ensure that our residents are living in an environment that supports their health and well-being.
Furthermore, our LED Lighting not only provides energy efficiency but also has health benefits. These lights emit a brighter, more natural light that can improve mood and promote better sleep. With proper lighting, we can create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our residents to thrive in.
At Wilson House, we prioritize the health and wellness of our residents above all else. By investing in advanced technology and systems, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our residents to call home. Our goal is to ensure that every resident at Wilson House can live their best life with the support and care they need.

Wilson, NC is a vibrant and friendly town, often referred to as the heart of North Carolina. Located in the eastern part of the state, it is well-known for its warmth, charm, and hospitality. Wilson offers a blend of small-town living with the amenities of a larger city, making it a wonderful place for individuals of all ages to reside. The town is especially renowned for its stunning gardens and parks, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Its vibrant arts scene, diverse dining options, and rich history add to its appeal. Most importantly, Wilson takes great pride in its community services, including several top-notch health and wellness facilities. This combination of a welcoming community, quality services, and a serene environment makes it an ideal location for those seeking a comfortable and nurturing living environment, such as that provided by Wilson House.

Wilson House is proud to partner with Lumenant to optimize wellness for our residents. Lumenant provides our community with;
AQi3 Air Purification
Climate Control
LED Lighting

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