LED Upgrades

Upgrade to LED Lighting

We offer multiple styles of integrated LED lighting, our most popular being our flush mount lighting and our decorative drum fixtures.

These fixtures are designs to beautifully distribute lighting across all surfaces and minimize shadows and glares, therefore creating spaces that feel bright, airy, and welcoming.

 Our LED products are made with integrated LED lights, meaning the days of changing lightbulbs are over. Our integrated LED fixtures have a substantially longer lifespan than traditional bulb fixtures and are more efficient. Saving building operators on maintenance and energy costs.

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Our Partnership

Our partnership aims to create vibrant and inviting spaces while minimizing the burden on building staff. From estimation and installation to maintenance, we strive for excellence in every step. Our highly trained team is experienced in working in occupied spaces, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

By carefully assessing the unique needs of each building, we develop comprehensive design plans that optimize lighting, efficiency, cost savings, and aesthetics. Our installations are tailored to the specific requirements of each space, resulting in long-lasting solutions that reduce maintenance and hassle.

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