Customized to your buidling

See Clearly with LED Lighting

Lighting is pivotal to both the presentation and ambiance of a space. Whether your building serves seniors, vacationers, or students, the lighting should be tailored to match the environment’s tone. For instance, bright lighting with minimal shadowing may be perfect for seniors but could feel clinical and uninviting to those seeking a weekend retreat. At Lumenant, we meticulously evaluate every aspect of your building—from efficiency to mood—to craft a lighting package that enhances your space and elevates the guest experience.

LED Lighting might seem like a standard in all commercial spaces, however our lighting packages are customized for the needs of each unique space while promoting efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

Decrease Risk of Falls

Increasing the quality and brightness of light reduces shadows, and allows for better visibility. Therefore reducing the risk of falls and injury.

Tasks are Easier

Poor lighting makes it difficult to complete tasks and see fine details. Better lighting makes tasks and entertainment activities easy and enjoyable.

Increased Independence

By decreasing the risk of falls, and allowing for residents to have an improved visual ability, independence and self-esteem is improved.

Integrated, Intelligent, Intuitive

Feel Energized with Therapeutic Lighting

When people sleep better, they feel better! Our therapeutic lighting systems are designed to mimic natural daylight cycles and restore resident’s natural sleep and wake cycles. The replication of natural light cycles creates a better environment for sleep and increases daytime activity. This system is proven to improve natural sleep cycles, reduce anxiety, and boost the mood and overall health of residents and staff. Residents have even reported a decreased need for supplements that help with sleep and mood boosters.

Increases Activity

Natural biological sleep and wake patterns are restored, making residents and staff feel more energized throughout the day.

Restores Natural Patterns

Mimicking natural light cycles reinforces natural sleep and wake cycles, allowing residents to lessen their dependence on sleep aids and mood boosters.

Improves Mental Wellness

Natural light is proven to be great for mental health. By replicating sunlight, residents experience more positive psyche, and rely less on mood stabilizing medications.

Safe & Bright Exteriors

Visit Safely with Exterior Lighting

High-quality exterior lighting is crucial for resident, employee, and visitor safety. Many campuses suffer from inadequate lighting in parking lots, perimeters, and grounds – creating safety and security challenges and properties that present poorly in the evening. Lumenant offers multiple solutions to provide with bright, energy efficient lighting.

Improved Security

Improving lighting systems outdoors decrease shadows which creates a safer environment for visitors and residents who walk outdoors.

Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is crucial to the first impression of properties, no matter what time of day it is when guests arrive, know they’ll be impressed.

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