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Working with Lumenant

Lumenant is dedicated to providing simplified Wellness Solutions for operators in Senior Living, Hospitality, and Multifamily Housing.

Our aim is to make it both effortless and cost-effective, ensuring seamless operations for our clients. From auditing buildings to providing monitoring and maintenance for years to come, our partnership is designed to reduce stress of operators, while maximizing cash flow, efficiency, and minimizing tedious maintenance. By taking care of all aspects of climate control, we allow our clients to focus on their core business operations while ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment for their residents or guests.
What We Do

Benefits of Innovative Climate Control

Many operators and staff members in Senior Living, Hospitality, and Multifamily Housing often face challenges and frustrations with traditional Climate Control technologies. Our Climate Control Solutions offer hands free maintenance, round the clock monitoring, and maximized efficiency.
Maximize Resident & Guest Comfort
Minimize Energy Use & Save on Operating Cost
Reduce Maintenance & Increase Productivity
Cost Savings

Antiquated systems often cause heightened cost. By replacing old units with new, buildings can expect lower operating costs. Lumenant’s recommended systems use smart technology to ensure that units are only running when the room is occupied.

Advanced Monitoring & Maintenance
Our team of experts monitors each of our recommended systems for any deficiency or faults. If an error occurs, our team is proactive and develops a plan of action and solution often before the staff or guests can observe the issue.
Our Climate Control Solutions

At Lumenant, our mission is to streamline Climate Control for Senior Living, Hospitality, and Community Housing operators, making it effortless and cost-effective.

Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners (PTAC)

We specialize in full building PTAC replacements. Many multi-room accommodations, whether for short or long-term stays, are equipped with in-room PTAC units to create personalized spaces. We provide a variety of brands and service options for PTACs to cater to the unique requirements of each building. Our plan models include cash purchases, purchase and installation, as well as service-based options. Our team will tailor a personalized plan that aligns perfectly with your business requirements.
We recommend the GE Zoneline AZ65 Series | Heat Pump. This unit has an impressive cooling capacity and efficiency standards. It is sleek, modern, and reliable, making it the perfect choice for a variety of uses from student housing to hospitality and everything in between.

Climate Control As-a-Service

With our innovative approach, Lumenant offers Climate Control Solutions as a comprehensive service. We handle everything, from equipment design and installation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Instead of a large upfront investment, clients can opt for our service model, allowing for convenient monthly payments while ensuring round-the-clock care. Our dedicated team ensures optimal cost and efficiency for your business by meticulously maintaining and monitoring the equipment. We pride ourselves on offering a unique, hassle free and cost effective solution to common climate control headaches.

Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners (PTAC)

In our PTAC as-a-service model, Lumenant begins by providing a comprehensive building audit. Our team of experts will assess the specific needs of each building and offer personalized recommendations. Once the installation is complete, our team takes on the responsibility of maintaining and monitoring each unit, so your team can focus on other tasks. Filters are scheduled to be cleaned quarterly, while coils are cleaned biennially according to manufacturer standards.

Other Solutions

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Contact us and we’ll develop a customized financing plan to fit the needs of your building and see if your building is eligible for completely FREE PTAC servicing.