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Enhance Your Community with Therapeutic Lighting

Therapeutic Lighting helps to restore sleep and wake patterns by replicating the lighting created by the sun. Light color and intensity changes throughout the day to mimic natural light cycles. Residents will awake to a soft, warm glow to replicate sunrise. As the morning ages, the lighting will gradually grow to brighter, whiter light, like the glow of the sun. The bright natural light encourages residents to feel more active and awake throughout the day. As day turns to evening, the lighting shifts again to replicate evening hues to naturally relax residents and wind down for the day. Every light in the system is individually programed so that each resident can have their own preferred experience.

Therapeutic Lighting upgrades offer advanced care in senior living communities and is ideal for residents of memory care and skilled nursing.

Residents and staff alike have reported higher quality of living and more relaxed environments. This upgrade option is a valuable point of difference and offers the same high-quality lighting with added health benefits. This upgrade includes touch screen color tuning and customizable environments.

Therapeutic Lighting is designed to mimic natural patterns of the sun, helping to restore circadian rhythm in residents with chronic memory affecting conditions. It has also been reported to help staff and assisted living residents to feel more energized and less fatigued after overnight shifts.

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Our Partnership

We believe in the extensive benefits of Therapeutic Lighting on health, wellness, and revenue. We personally install and monitor each light to ensure efficiency and optimization for residents. Our installations are complete efficiently and with great attention to detail as a top priority, with fixtures controlled via a cloud-based interface on the cellular data network to address HIPAA concerns without relying on the building’s wireless network.

When you partner with us, our expert team handles everything from installation to maintenance, prioritizing safety and minimal disruption for residents and staff. We specialize in Therapeutic Lighting, particularly in memory care, providing efficient installations with attention to detail to ensure resident comfort and respect throughout.

Our team collaborates with building staff to create custom schedules aligned with the building’s routines. The lighting system can be programmed for daylight shifts at preferred times, tailored to each building’s unique needs. Once set up, our hands-free monitoring system remotely manages the fixtures to maintain the desired brightness and color. Adjustments can be made swiftly if needed, ensuring a worry-free experience for your team.

How it Works

Our Therapeutic Lighting boosts natural melatonin production to promote restful sleep without the reliance on medications like sleep aid supplements, which may lose effectiveness over time. By syncing the body’s internal clock with natural day-night cycles through replicating the sun’s rise and set patterns, our Therapeutic Lighting enhances overall well-being.

In the morning, the lighting starts with a gentle, warm glow to naturally kickstart the day before transitioning to a brighter, blue-toned light that enhances daytime alertness. As evening approaches, the lighting shifts back to a soft, warm glow, aiding in the production of melatonin to prepare residents for bedtime

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