Therapeutic Lighting

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Feel Energized with Therapeutic Lighting

When people sleep better, they feel better! Our therapeutic lighting systems are designed to mimic natural daylight cycles and restore resident’s natural sleep and wake cycles. The replication of natural light cycles creates a better environment for sleep and increases daytime activity. This system is proven to improve natural sleep cycles, reduce anxiety, and boost the mood and overall health of residents and staff. Residents have even reported a decreased need for supplements that help with sleep and mood boosters.
Increases Activity
Natural biological sleep and wake patterns are restored, making residents and staff feel more energized throughout the day.
Restores Natural Patterns
Mimicking natural light cycles reinforces natural sleep and wake cycles, allowing residents to lessen their dependence on sleep aids and mood boosters.
Improves Mental Wellness
Natural light is proven to be great for mental health. By replicating sunlight, residents experience more positive psyche, and rely less on mood stabilizing medications.
Our therapeutic lighting helps restore natural cycles, so that residents and even staff, can feel their best, naturally. Light color and intensity changes throughout the day to mimic natural light cycles. Residents will awake to a soft, warm glow to replicate sunrise. As the morning ages, the lighting will gradually grow to brighter, whiter light, like the glow of the sun. The bright natural light encourages residents to feel more active and awake throughout the day. As day turns to evening, the lighting shifts again to replicate evening hues to naturally relax residents and wind down for the day. Every light in the system is individually programed so that each resident can have their own preferred experience.

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